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The Story

Why Cashcow?

Cashcow was created amongst three personal realizations. My first being that people would much rather invest in transitory things such as the foreign exchange market, real estate, cars,  social media image, a significant other and etcetera, shamefully neglecting the foremost investment of all-time. The investment in ones own self. Ideas, goals, and beliefs, are all put to the side by millions of people every single day and I did no research to back that statement. Consider this; We have been burdened by the duties of survival that have been placed on us. Meaning it has literally become so hard just to survive in todays time. For many, there is no time for deep thought and many are now very unaware and unable to fathom our true powers, which is that of creativity and expression. 


My second realization, was that a majority of the people I have met in my lifetime, are actually  hurting very badly in a place that many cannot see, I am speaking of the mind. So many people want life to change for them, yet they simply drift through life avoiding pain and discomfort. People can experience and are experiencing so much negativity in just a day, it's fair to say that negativity is the norm. This is a HUGE problem within the Global Consciousness. The world needs a lot more positive energy, love, and frankly better things to wear to be honest.


My third realization was that I have a responsibility in this life as does every human. Cashcow is my responsibility, for it is an expression of my own self. My vision is to create a renaissance like atmosphere where everyone is wealthy, everyone is confident, no one is comparing because there is no need. I believe in law of attraction, abundance, and that there is more than enough to go around for me and you. We are all connected, and the way we see ourselves as humanity will decide our fate in the near future. So Cashcow is my due-diligence to humanity, I want you to see yourself as greatness, unique, and powerful.

Face Sculpture


Put the whole world on "I AM"... for it is the key

Push positivity and neglect negativity

Raise the confidence of every customer and partner

Influence humans to invest in their own self

Encourage abundant thinking mindset

Empower mankind in affirmative fashion


I see a world where it isn't all about money anymore

A world where being positive isn't corny, its cool

 A world where the richest and strongest people are positive thinkers

A world where it is basic knowledge to know that every individual feels differently and that is okay

A world where people value humanity and love,

 over all else.

3D Eye
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